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Get 501 Vocabulary Questions (Skill Builder in Focus) PDF

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As an grownup i wished to extend my vocabulary and this has been an exceptional e-book for that objective. i'd definately reccomend.

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Bolster ( bohl·ste˘r) v. 1. to support or prop up. 2. to buoy or hearten. Coach Edmond’s speech bolstered the team’s confidence. burgeon ( bur·jo˘n) v. to begin to grow and flourish; to begin to sprout, grow new buds, blossom. The tulip bulbs beneath the soil would burgeon in early spring, providing there was no late frost. burnish ( bur·nish) v. to polish, rub to a shine. When Kathryn began to burnish the old metal teapot, she realized that it was, in fact, solid silver. careen (ka˘· reen) v. 1.

A renowned, arrogant singer grudgingly agreeing to tutor a student who lacks talent ________ 77. what you might do if you saw a ghost ________ 78. what might pollute a river near an industrial site ________ 79. giving out rations of food and water at an emergency shelter ________ 80. whether or not we should encourage research into the cloning of human beings 31 501 Vocabulary Questions Answers 61. To feign is to pretend or give a false appearance. 62. To be daunted is to be intimidated or discouraged.

2. temporary relief from danger or discomfort. The court granted him a reprieve at the last moment because of DNA evidence that absolved him. tribunal (tr¯· byoo·na˘l) n. a court of justice. He will be sentenced for his war crimes by an international tribunal. turpitude ( tur·pi·tood) n. 1. wickedness. 2. a corrupt or depraved act. Such turpitude deserves the most severe punishment. venal ( vee·na˘l) adj. easily bribed or corrupted; unprincipled. The venal judge was removed and disbarred. 45 501 Vocabulary Questions Match the action described in Column A with the name of the crime or criminal nature in Column B.

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