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Get A cognitive linguistic analysis of the English imperative : PDF

By Hidemitsu Takahashi

1. checklist of figures, graphics; 2. record of tables, pxi; three. Abbreviations, pxiii; four. Acknowledgments, pxv-xvii; five. 1. advent, p1-20; 6. 2. looking at English imperatives in motion, p21-56; 7. three. The which means of the English valuable, p57-92; eight. four. Accounting for a number of the findings in bankruptcy 2 and the alternative among imperatives and oblique directives, p93-119; nine. five. combined principal buildings: Passive, innovative, and perfective imperatives in English, p121-135; 10. 6. Conditional imperatives in English, p137-171; eleven. 7. English imperatives in concessive clauses, p173-196; 12. eight. eastern imperatives, p197-219; thirteen. nine. Conclusions and clients, p221-224; 14. References, p225-236; 15. facts assets, p237; sixteen. identify index, p239-240; 17. topic index, p241-242

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G. You leave! ); and topicalization applies only when there is no overt subject (*That book, you read! 1 This chapter attempts to clarify a totally different array of distinctive grammatical or syntactic features of the imperative, which can only be found by closely observing the actual usage. The aims of this chapter are two-fold: (i) to identify a class of verbs that occur most frequently in the English imperative; and (ii) to make generalizations about preferred ways in which these frequently occurring verbs in imperatives are used.

Genre differences across four stories also need to be called into question. 7% = 42 out of 49 tokens) if compared with The Pelican Brief (48% = 25 out of 52 tokens) (cf. Table 2-3). I suspect the result obtained is in large part attributable to the fact that a great majority of dialogues in The Decep­ tion are highly technical in nature, involving specialists in highly specialized settings (such as law firms, law court and hospital rooms), in which communicators include attorneys (with clients and/or witnesses as addressees) and judges (with attorneys and/or witnesses as addressees), as well as doctors and nurses (with patients as addressees).

Table 2-3. 8%) were let’s-imperatives followed by verbal response. 2%), there was no verbal response. 2% of imperatives with let’s were accompanied by verbal response (41 out of 120 tokens). At least two distinct patterns can be recognized in which no verbal response follows a let’s-imperative. First, the let’s-imperative is used as a prologue to the conversation that immediately follows. It announces to the addressee how the speaker is going to discuss the subject or what the speaker begins to talk about: Gray threw the ticket on the floorboard.

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