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A Commonsense Guide to Grammar and Usage - download pdf or read online

By L. Beason, A. Lester

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Blocking me for a good fifteen minutes. (6) Fixing This Problem in Your Writing Identifying Fragments A fragment is almost always a continuation of the preceding sentence. To find and then fix a fragment, we need to separate it from the previous sentence. When a fragment is by itself, isolated from preceding sentences, we are Lesson 1: Fragments 11 much more likely to notice it doesn’t make sense on its own. Here is one tip that will help you isolate fragments. Most fragments fall into one of three categories: renamers, adverbs, and -ing fragments.

The mascot for Yale is now a bulldog, its mascot over a hundred years ago was a cat. 5. Colombia was once considered part of South America, its government decided in 1903 to proclaim Colombia was part of North America. com/commonsense Sentence Practice 2 CORRECTED SENTENCES APPEAR ON PAGE 458. Find the independent clauses in the following run-on sentences by using the Imaginary Period Tip. Correct each run-on by inserting a semicolon between the two independent clauses, by adding a comma and a coordinating conjunction, Lesson 2 run-on Lesson 2 26 Unit One: Understanding the Basic Sentence or by turning the imaginary period into a real one.

Lesson 1: Fragments 13 Alternatively, you could expand the fragment to a complete sentence in its own right. Decide if the material in the fragment is worth emphasizing. If it is, expand the fragment to a full sentence. If it is not that important (most of the time, this is the case), attach it to the preceding sentence. Let’s use the I Realize Tip to identify fragments in three new examples. We’ll then correct each fragment using both methods: connecting the fragment to the preceding sentence and expanding the fragment to a complete sentence.

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