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By Jonathan Arnold, Shane Bjornlie, Kristina Sessa

A better half to Ostrogothic Italy is a concise but entire leading edge survey of the increase and fall of Italy’s first barbarian state, the Ostrogothic kingdom (ca. 489-554 CE). The volume’s 18 essays supply readers with probing syntheses of modern scholarship on key subject matters, from the Ostrogothic military and management to spiritual range and ecclesiastical improvement, ethnicity, cultural achievements, urbanism, and the agricultural financial system. considerably, the amount additionally offers leading edge stories of hitherto under-examined subject matters, together with the Ostrogothic provinces past the Italian lands, gender and the Ostrogothic courtroom, and Ostrogothic Italy’s environmental heritage. that includes paintings via a global panel of students, the quantity is designed for either new scholars and experts within the box.

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85 Wolfram, Goths, pp. 322–37; Heather, Goths, pp. 260–3. 86 For further consideration of Amalasuentha’s precarious position and manoeuvring, see Cooper in this volume. 2–8, ed. Mommsen. 88 Esders, “Rechtliche Grundlagen”. 2, ed. Mommsen. 93 Despite these efforts at re-establishing consensus, the stability of the new regime remained precarious. Amalasuentha faced considerable opposition at court. At stake was control over the young king and his policies, possibly paired with concerns about his viability as a military leader at such a young age.

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