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Radhika Singha's A Despotism of Law: Crime and Justice in Early Colonial PDF

By Radhika Singha

This quantity bargains with law-making as a cultural company during which the colonial nation needed to draw upon present normative codes of rank, prestige and gender, and re-order them to a brand new and extra unique definition of the state's sovereign correct.

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299-300, 328. Cf. also Thomas Law, A sketch ofsome /atc aTT(Jngemmts, p. x. 32 A Despotism a/Law Here the reasoning was that such indefinite sentences removed productive hands from the community and saddled Government . with the expense of maintaining prisoners. 130 When the Indian daroghas of the adalats were dismissed in 1790 and replaced by British judges of the Courts of Circuit, I J I the cases of those sentenced to 'confinement during pleasure' were reviewed and many released for want of sufficient records.

N. Sarbr,Mughlllpolity, Delhi, 1984, pp. 438-90. Mlldr/lSSll: institution of theological learning. ' . 75 Cf. tements ofMullooa and Budloo, RB to Sub Secy, 27 September 1794, BCr] P/128/1S, 17 October 1794, pp. 188-92, for one such sentence for reClllTent petty theft, awarded by the Banaras adalat prior to Duncan's residency. Husbands sometimes claimed the J ight to cut their wife's nose for \ infidelity, a disfigurement that combined isgrace with a re-assertion of \ ownership. For men, unless thl'y were slaves, such punishment usually required the sanction of someone in authority.

Malguzari: land tax. I :~ ! I11';'\ Ii: ll\! l<\Q The criminal regulations of the Company werea~1 supposed to encourage the spirit of industry but through the age~ of the police and the penal regime. The 'ill-disposed and disord~'; vagrant', or the 'robber by profession' would have to make repal"l tion for his predatory existence on the industrious,I41 The changes introduced to conceptions of sovereignty ;If' property right had repercussions for the agencies of govern~' The loose inter-dependency of official and non-official age~' which I have described for the Mughal and eighteenth cen , regimes gradually developed towards more bureaucratized hi~; archies which centralized military and judicial functions and ~1iI arated them from property relations.

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