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IV. C la s s. Verbs in an unchangeable -I. chai- “to like” , “ to change", sul- “to hide”, hnel- “ to laugh”. Note 1. Roots with a are not found in the first class (instances like ta-n : ta-a “to vanish” are merely orthographical variants. See § 9). In the II. class -a- does not occur, but -0- is frequent. Verbs of the IV. class are compara­ tively rare. On da-t, pha-t, kha-t see § 110c. 48 Nr. 3. H ans J orgensen : § 92 —93 Note 2. There arc some irregularities, and, in the lafe,. language, fluctuations between the classes (mostly lll:iy less frequently II: III).

Kahcanapuri nam nagar. — Used s u b s ta n tia lly cha-hm a, cha-guli m eans “someone, som ething” ; w ith ma “nothing” (see also § 74). —cha-hma m ay m ean “alone, only” , j i cha-hm a “I alone”, pair cha cha-hm a “one only son” . Declension of the N um erals. 81 As the sim ple num erals are used before nouns only, we are merely concerned with the inflection of the form s with -hma and -guli, of w hich -hm a show s som e peculiarities: Agent, -hmasent, -hmasen Gen. -hm aya, -hmasaya, -hm as Dat.

Jeta; jiia chanata. cheta; chita Loc. jeke; jike chanake. cheke; chike Instr. jan. jen; jin chan, chen; chin Soc. jawo. jewo; jiivo chawo. chetvo; chiwo wo; u woya, wax woyafa woyake won ; tin wowo 42 Rem arks. T he genitive form s jan, ches, ivos, (and wosaya) are rarely found. In the later language there occur genitives in -gu, -guli. — it is rarely found. 43 P lu r a l in -pani, -mi. —Of the plural in -mi the following form s are found: g ^ 41) A Grammar of the Classical Newari. 31 Agent- jimisen chimisen chemisen a mi sen fle11.

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