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Download e-book for iPad: A History of the Animal World in the Ancient Near East by Billie Jean Collins

By Billie Jean Collins

This identify issues man's touch with the animal global: sacrifice, sacred animals, vitamin, and domestication. Chapters on paintings, literature, faith and animal husbandry demonstrate an image of the complicated relationships among the peoples of the traditional close to East and (their) animals.

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Bennetti) range across India, Pakistan, and eastern Iran, slender-horned gazelles (G. leptoceros] are native to northern Africa, and Sommerring's gazelles (G. soemmerringii) occupy the Horn area of Sudan to Somalia. Dama (G. dama] and dorcas gazelles (G. dorcas) frequent arid north Africa west of the Nile, though a subspecies of the latter extends into southern Israel/Sinai (G. d. Isabella). Gazelles were probably the principal source of protein for prehistoric hunter-gatherers in the southern Levant at the close of the Pleistocene.

Thus, the habitual collection and disposal behaviors of ancient humans compounded by diagenetic effects will inevitably winnow the faunal assemblage down in terms of represented species and skeletal part frequencies. Recovered bones often reveal more about the cultural preferences of humans and the relative durability of the remains than they do about the original nature of the animal world at the time. Species not procured for food are occasionally unearthed, however, and their discovery can provide useful information about the environment.

Aoudads (Ammotmgus lervia) occupy much of northern Africa, and though they are anatomically closer to goats, biochemical similarity to sheep provides partial justification for their vernacular label, Barbary sheep. Another caprine relative is the Arabian tahr (Hemitmgusjqyakari), which is found only in the coastal ranges of Oman. Perhaps the rarest of goats is the Walia ibex (C. ibex walie), of which only several hundred still exist within the Simen Mountain preserves of north central Ethiopia (Nievergelt 1981).

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