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A Linguistic Investigation of Aphasic Chinese Speech by Jerome L. Packard (auth.) PDF

By Jerome L. Packard (auth.)

A Linguistic research of Aphasic chinese language Speech is the 1st designated linguistic research of a big physique of aphasic chinese language traditional speech facts. This paintings describes how the most important aphasia syndromes are happen in chinese language, a language which differs considerably from languages upon which conventional aphasia concept relies. Following the chinese language info, a brand new reason behind the most important aphasia syndromes is accessible in keeping with the cognitive technology modularity speculation. the speculation posits that Broca's aphasia is the results of computational deficits that happen inside linguistic elements, whereas Wernicke's aphasia is the results of deficits that take place within the move of data among elements. it's confirmed how the fluent and non-fluent features of the foremost aphasia syndromes stick to at once from the homes of cognitive modules.
distinctive linguistic descriptions of Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia in chinese language are supplied, together with a precis of diagnostics of aphasia style. the full corpora of 4 aphasic chinese language audio system, together with interlinear and unfastened translations, are awarded in an Appendix.

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The speech corpora were elicited in informal interview situations, during which the interviewer2 encouraged the patient to produce as much spontaneous speech as possible. All patients except LXZ were also asked to describe a picture (depicting two children stealing cookies while their mother washes dishes, from Goodglass & Kaplan, 1972) as a means of eliciting speech. The speech samples were recorded in a quiet room on Sony CHF60 cassette tapes, using a Sony TCM-141 cassette recorder equipped with a Sony ECM-16T Electret condenser microphone attatched to the patient's lapel.

1)21. 18 below; for comprehensive lists, see Chao 1968 or Li and Thompson 1981). 25. 18 As Jim McCawley points out, a noun by itself or together with a modifier makes up anN. 19The term clauifier includes both classifiers per se (which match salient perceptual properties of the modified noun) and metuuru (which refer to the quantity of the noun). For a further discussion of this distinction, see Tai and Wang (1990). 2oNB: it is bound to the preceding quantifier, not the noun it modifies. 21 For this reason, in the descriptions of aphasic speech that occur in Chapter 3, the use of classifiers is discussed both under word formation (because they are important word forming elements) and in the section on syntax under 'function words' (because when used in conjunction with quantifiers they form function words, and constitute important constituents of complex noun phrase syntax).

Eat middle-food you often You often eat lunch. 4 Nimen dou chi you-PL all eat You all eat lunch. 5 Ni bu chi zhongfan. you not eat middle-food You don't eat lunch. 6 Ni manmande you slow-slow-ADV Eat lunch slowly. zhongfan. middle-food chi eat zhongfan. 13). Coverbs are words used to express location, direction, instrumentality, and other modes of predicate action. They usually translate into English as prepositions. 4: Coverbial Phrase Structure sentence 15 . Coverbs possess properties that cause them to pattern exclusively neither with verbs nor with prepositions (see Ross 1991, McCawley 1992).

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