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Read e-book online A-Morphous Morphology PDF

By Stephen R. Anderson

A-Morphous Morphology provides a brand new thought of the constitution of phrases, because it pertains to a whole generative grammar of language. It rejects the concept that complicated phrases are outfitted up by way of concatenating uncomplicated minimum symptoms or morphemes, and proposes as an alternative that note constitution is defined through a method of rule-governed family among one notice and one other. In his publication, eminent linguist Stephen Anderson bargains a dialogue of the consequences of his personal unique place for matters in language swap, language typology and the computational research of observe constitution.

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The property of the NPs in (10) that suggests an incorporation analysis is their lack of an apparent head; but in fact NPs in Kwakw'ala may well lack a phonologically realized head even when no 'incorporation' can possibly have taken place. The sentences in (11) involve NPs whose heads must be analyzed as a phonologically null pronominal element: (11) a. 1-e 'ya'yaxsa b3gwanam-i Aux-they bad(PL) male-DEM "The male (sea-eggs) are bad" b. duqwaia-su-sa ts'adaqa swaw-i seek-PASSiVE-by ART woman big-DEM "The big (ones) are sought by the woman" Given the possibility that NPs may consist of a phonologically null pronominal head together with associated modifiers, we can readily provide an analysis for constructions in which the governing Verb contains material specifying some of the semantic properties of the referent of the same argument.

26 Why have a morphology at all? ikq'sy- "drink" "seal" "good" "many" naq'ixsd migwatuX Pixp'ala q'i'mola "want to drink" "to obtain seals" "smells sweet" "many walk" 2 naxwa t'is(3m) gsltq'ay- "cover with blanket" "stone" "long" "many" na'wam'ya t'isxe gsldatu q'a'yas "cover cheek with blanket" "stone-tooth" "long-eared" "place of many" 3 dsnxala q'aku 'yak q'sy- "sing" "slave" "bad" "many" danxalak'inal q'akubidu? 'yakq'ala q'igaa "sing nicely" "small slave" "altogether bad" "too many" 4 mukwa giq'msla q'sy- "to tie" "chief" "white" "many" mug w u'yud giGego'yi 'mslsGsm q'ayala (-»q'3la) "to tie in the middle" "chief under others" "white on surface" "many in a canoe" organized as follows.

B. c. d. e. f. g. ima "cuttable" (cf. bax- "cut") titap'ima "breakable" (cf. tap- "break") ninax'wanayaPima "able to be used as a blanket" (cf. nax"a "blanket") xixak'aPima "liable to stay away (for good)" (cf. xsk'a "stay away") hi'bPima "liable to hesitate" (cf. hala "return, hesitate") manmsnx'wima "liable to smile" (cf. manxw3la "smile") qaqa'yima "(become) able to walk" (cf. qasa "walk") Like English -able (see chapter 7 below), this suffix can be added to transitive Verbs (either simple, as in (13a), (13b), or derived, as (13c)).

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