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ABCs of Atari computers by David E Mentley PDF

By David E Mentley

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BOU N DARY - Some procedures require that all data remain within certain limits or a discontinuity will exist. For example, the character set is contained in 1K of memory, consisting of four pages of 256 bytes. The character set data must start on a 1K boundary if it is a full 128 character set. This means that the high byte of the address for the character set must end in a 0, 4, 8, or C. There is no low byte for the character set address since a 1K boundary will not have any component in the 0 to 255 range (just 1024, 2048, ....

0 Binary Load Format":RETURN 170 IF DUMMY=132 AND DUMMY2=9 THEN? 0 Binary Load Format":RETURN 180 ? SYS part of Atari DOS. The routine to load and run the files is in the FMS (File Management System) which resides in memory. As long as the program does not interface with BASIC and it has IN IT and RUN addresses, the file will run. OBJ string in this program and type RUN. OBJ" 30 FNS(LEN(FNS)+1)=CHRS(155) 40 POKE 5534~0:POKE 5534~192 50 X=ADR(FNS) 60 Y=INT(X/256) 70 POKE 853,Y:POKE 852,X-256*Y 80 X=USR(ADR("hL) "»:REM String is lowe r case h~ capital L, INVERSE SHIFT-O, CO NTROL-U The USR call is PLA, JMP $15A9 and it goes into the subroutine for the DOS L command.

Every time CTRL-1 was pressed, the command would be executed. Commonly used lines such as LOAO"O:_ and RUN"O:_ are built in to the code. The latest version takes OAK less memory and does not disappear when System Reset is pressed. BASIC DEBUGGER - This utility allows you to trace a BASIC program by stepping through it or by getting reports of line numbers and variables as it executes. A split screen allows you to view the program and to look at the reports as the debugging proceeds. A cross reference function prints a list of variables and the line numbers in which they occur.

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