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There were 90 downloads between July and September 2003. The conference submission software was used for two workshops, once for the entire cycle with approximately 40 users (submitters, reviewers, and PC members) and once with 6 PC members just for collecting reviews and discussion. The only real problem that arose with this application was one submission where the submitter had pasted an entire postscript file into one of the text fields of the form instead of using the upload button. This triggered a bug in the read function of the standard library which caused the replay log for this session to become unreadable.

1, February 2005. 44 • Peter Thiemann 11. CONCLUSION WASH/CGI provides a high-level declarative approach to programming Web services. It is based on a session-centric programming model that hides away the details of the underlying protocols. This approach makes programming a Web service similar to programming an HTML-based GUI application. WASH/CGI provides extensive guarantees ranging from well-formedness and quasi validity for all generated documents through type-safe input fields to type-safe server-side and client-side state.

Modeling Web interactions. In Proceedings of the 12th European Symposium on Programming (Warsaw, Poland). Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer-Verlag, New York. GRAUNKE, P. T. AND KRISHNAMURTHI, S. 2002. Advanced control flows for flexible graphical user interfaces: or, growing GUIs on trees or, bookmarking GUIs. ). ACM, New York, pp. 277–296. GUTMANN, P. 1998. Software generation of practically strong random numbers. ). USENIX. HANUS, M. 2001. High-level server side Web scripting in Curry.

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