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New PDF release: ActualTests Oracle9i Build Internet Applications 1 Exam

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A. NAME_IN B. FIND_ITEM C. GET_ITEM_PROPERTY D. SET_ITEM_PROPERTY Answer: A QUESTION 122: Which trigger can you use to ensure that no dependent detail rows have been inserted by another user since the master record was marked for deletion from a form? A. Post-Insert B. Pre-Update C. Post-Delete D. Pre-Delete Answer: D QUESTION 123: Which two built-ins can initiate navigation programmatically? (Choose two) A. UP B. com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 C. NEW_BLOCK D. CLOSE_FORM E. SCROLL_BLOCK Answer: A, B QUESTION 124: Which three options does the Data Block Wizard allow you to select as a data source for a block?

C. Create a data block for each database table you need to access. D. Create a control block and associate its items with data blocks that are based on database tables. Answer: C QUESTION 108: You have written some generic PL/SQL code which loops through the invoked form, getting and setting the global variables in the form. Which two built-ins would you use in this code to get and set these variables and their values? (Choose two) A. COPY B. NAME_IN C. GET_ITEM_PROPERTY D. GET_BLOCK_PROPERTY E.

Com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 || ERROR_TEXT); END IF; When you run the form and navigate to a department which has no employees, the default FRM-40350 message appears, rather than the message you coded. How should you correct this? A. You should check for FORM_SUCCESS in the trigger. B. You should use an ON-MESSAGE trigger and MESSAGE_built-in functions. C. You should define the trigger at the form level, rather than the block level. D. You should raise a FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE exception when the error is encountered.

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