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Agreement and Its Failures - download pdf or read online

By Omer Preminger

In this publication, Omer Preminger investigates how the compulsory nature of predicate-argument contract is enforced by means of the grammar. Preminger argues that an empirically enough thought of predicate-argument contract calls for recourse to an operation, whose obligatoriness is a grammatical primitive no longer reducible to representational homes, yet whose profitable end result isn't really enforced by means of the grammar.

Preminger's argument counters modern ways that locate the obligatoriness of predicate-argument contract enforced via representational ability. the main widespread of those is Chomsky's "interpretability"-based thought, during which the obligatoriness of predicate-argument contract is enforced via derivational time bombs. Preminger offers an empirical argument opposed to modern ways that search to derive the compulsory nature of predicate-argument contract solely from derivational time bombs. He deals as an alternative another account in accordance with the idea of obligatory operations better fitted to the evidence. The the most important info consists of utterances that inescapably contain attempted-but-failed contract and are still totally grammatical. Preminger combines a close empirical research of contract phenomena within the Kichean (Mayan) languages, Zulu (Bantu), Basque, Icelandic, and French with an intensive and rigorous theoretical exploration of the far-reaching results of those facts. The result's a unique concept that has profound implications for the formalism that the idea of grammar makes use of to derive compulsory approaches and houses.

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Importantly, the clitic itself does not intervene in such relations, either; this is 38 Chapter 4 presumably either because the relations in question are phrasal in nature, and the clitic is a minimal projection, or because the clitic undergoes head adjunction and therefore does not c-command anything but its host (see Anagnostopoulou 2006, and references therein, for discussion). Because of this ameliorating effect that clitic doubling has on intervention, when #0 is merged, it is able to establish an agreement relation with the Theme without intervention by the dative argument, as shown in (43).

3. The full paradigm of agreement in the AF construction, as a function of the ϕ -features of the subject and object, is summarized in (22). (22) Full agreement paradigm for Kichean AF {subj, obj} ϕ -features {3sg, 3sg} {3pl, 3sg} {3pl, 3pl} {1sg, 3sg} {2sg, 3sg} {1pl, 3sg} {2pl, 3sg} {1sg, 3pl} {2sg, 3pl} {1pl, 3pl} {2pl, 3pl} ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ Agreement morphology on the AF verb 3sg 3pl 3pl 1sg 2sg 1pl 2pl 1sg 2sg 1pl 2pl a. In the notation {ϕ 1 , ϕ 2 }, which of the ϕ -feature specifications belongs to the subject and which to the object is fully commutative.

I illustrate the PCC with data from Basque, which exhibits the so-called “strong” version of the constraint (Bonet 1991:182). (34) In Basque clauses in which a dative argument is higher than the absolutive argument (which includes all Basque ditransitives), the absolutive must be 3rd person. (see Rezac 2008b) The effects of (34) are most strikingly illustrated using what Rezac (2008b) refers to as applicative unaccusatives: verbs that take two internal arguments, but no external argument. These verbs come in two types in Basque: one in which the dative argument is structurally higher than the absolutive argument, and one in which these structural relations are reversed.

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