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New PDF release: Alexander and the East: The Tragedy of Triumph

By A. B. Bosworth

During this examine, Bosworth seems at Alexander the Great's actions in principal Asia and Pakistan, drawing a bleak photo of bloodbath and repression corresponding to the Spanish conquest of Mexico. He investigates the evolution of Alexander's perspectives of empire and inspiration of common monarch, and files the illustration of Alexander through historians of antiquity. The e-book is directed to experts and normal readers alike.

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5, pp. 133-4330 The Shield of Achilles 29 it went a distinct lack of respect for life. Alexander had a short way with horse thieves, at least when his favourite stallion, Bucephalas, was stolen. His love for the animal is not in doubt, nor is his ruthlessness in face of the loss. 84 There is also some deterioration in 'the world where promises were kept'. 87 Alexander certainly behaved as though he felt no binding moral constraints, and by the end of his reign he was able to revoke one of the foundation clauses of the Corinthian League, a compact sanctioned by his father and himself, and demand by edict the restoration of exiles throughout the Greek world.

4/. 55. 6-7; Curt. 8. 8. 20. See farther, Bosworth, HCA ii. 97-9. 57 Curt. 11. 20; 8. 6. 18. Whether the institution was law or merely custom (cf. Tarn, AI. ii. 270-1; Atkinson ii. 242) is immaterial. What Curtius implies is that relatives of regicides had been executed in the past and might have been under Alexander, had he not made a conscious and public decision to waive the practice. 58 The worries of the army are vividly expressed by Arrian (6. 12. 1-2). See below, Ch. 2, p. 54. 61 An attack on the person of the king and commander was a universal threat and treated with total ruthlessness, even if it meant the torture of adolescents and the massacre of non-combatants.

G. L. Hammond (Three Historians; Sources). 2 Recent debate has focused on Ptolemy and Nearchus. On Ptolemy see particularly the contrasting essays of Errington, CQ 19 (1969) 233-42 and Roisman, CQ 34 (1984) 373-85; and for Nearchus see the classic article of Badian, YCS 24 (1975) 14770, with modifications of detail by Bosworth, in Zu AI. d. Gr. i. 541-67. 3 This secondary agenda is often not merely hidden but unconscious; and it is practically impossible for the modern reader to penetrate to underlying biases which may not have been recognized by the authors themselves.

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