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New PDF release: Altavilla, Sicily: Memories of a Happy Childhood

By Calogero Lombardo

"I wrote this ebook for the kids of the kin who won't ever understand what this position was once like," acknowledged Calogero Lombardo. this can be greater than a recollection of adolescence thoughts. it truly is an enticing and insightful examine the truth of Sicily and Sicilians, written with wit and a feeling of humor.

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Some of those nicknames became part of the language, such as cuntamuccuni, said of any person who stares at your mouth while you are eating. Culu Russu, though he was a real person, became the mythical protagonist in a children’s song. Mastru Nofriu My father, Onofrio Lombardo, was born in Altavilla on the first of April, year of the Longbeard nineteen and fourteen. Had he been born in America, it would have been a good joke on someone. April Fool’s Day was not anything special in our town. He was the son of 34 Pietro and Rosa.

Or the perception thereof. The gamut ranged from looking at the milkman wrong to murder. The reason I mention the milkman is because, in Sicily, we had a milkman who directed his cows to our house every morning. My mother had to feed five of us and there just was not that much milk in her breasts. We were not weaned from the breast at an early age. My mother nursed the twins together, one on each side. Anyway, a typical breakfast for us was milk, boiled for pasteurization, put into a bowl of coffee and black bread dipped into it.

Screaming, I asked how she could have died, when we had just left her in such a playful mood. She had been in the garden this morning, she was joking with me not two hours ago. Something’s wrong here. At that point I started suspecting that somebody made a mistake. Perhaps she was given the medicine intended for the Filipino woman. I think her name was Maria, too. The nurse did not speak much English, either. It is in the realm of possibility. My brother Pete wanted to sue, threatening everybody in the hospital.

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