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Download e-book for kindle: Ancient Food Technology (Technology and Change in History) by Robert I. Curtis

By Robert I. Curtis

This article discusses strategies in nutrition processing and protection from the palaeolithic interval via to the past due Roman Empire. It considers the crucial position nutrients know-how performed within the political, fiscal, and social textile of historic society.

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WolpofT, A l a n G . T h o r n e , F r e d H . S m i t h , D a v i d W . Frayer, a n d G e o f f r e y Ci. Pope, " M u l t i r e g i o n a l Evolution: A W o r l d - w i d e S o u r c e for M o d e r n H u m a n P o p u l a t i o n s , " in Origins of Anatomically Modern Humans. M a t t h e w H . Nitecki a n d D o r i s V. Nitecki, eds. (New Y o r k : P l e n u m Press, 1994), p p . 175 99. 39 Cf. C h r i s S t r i n g e r a n d R o b i n M c K i e , African Exodus ( L o n d o n : J o n a t h a n C a p e , 1996); C h r i s t o p h e r B.

16 T h e flaking skill evident in Oldowan tools found at G o n a implies a much earlier development of the knowledge of stone-tool manufacture, but the identification of the hominid who made the tools remains unknown. T i m e and location, however, make A. garhi a prime contender for the tool mak- E v o l u t i o n , " in Evolutionary History 0J the "Robust" Australopithecus. F r e d e r i c k E. G r i n e , e d . (New York: Aldi n e d e G r u y t e r , 1988), p p . 8 5 96, a n d Steven M i d i e n , 77ie Prehistory of the Mind.

T o date, however, although Acheulian-type tools have been found, no H. erectus fossils have been conclusively identified. , found at M a u e r near Heidelberg in Germany, Boxgrove, Swanscombe, and Hoxne in England, and Vertesszöllös, near Budapest in Hungary, arc considered by some to be early, or archaic, H. sapiens rather than II. erectus. A similar conclusion holds for finds in Italy, Greece, and France. 3 0 Since 1976 at Atapuerca, in southern Spain, archaeologists have found numerous fossil remains, particularly at Sima de los Huesos, or Pit of Bones, which yielded fossil remains of archaic H.

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