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Frederick G. Naerebout, Henk W. Singor's Antiquity: Greeks and Romans in Context PDF

By Frederick G. Naerebout, Henk W. Singor

Antiquity: Greeks and Romans in Context offers a chronological creation to the heritage of historic Mediterranean civilizations in the greater context of its modern Eurasian world.

  • Innovative technique organizes Greek and Roman background right into a unmarried chronology
  • Combines the conventional old tale with matters which are primary to trendy examine into the traditional international together with a number of social, cultural, and political topics
  • Facilitates an figuring out of the traditional Mediterranean international as a harmony, simply because the Mediterranean international is in its flip awarded as a part of a bigger whole
  • Covers the whole historical Mediterranean international from pre-history via to the increase of Islam within the 7th century A.D.
  • Features a various number of photographs, maps, diagrams, tables, and a chronological chart to help comprehension
  • English translation of a widely known Dutch booklet, De oudheid, now in its 3rd edition

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Its origins are as yet not very clear, but there is no doubt that this was the cradle of Chinese civilization. A Neolithic phase characterized by habitation in villages and the growing of barley, wheat, and other cereals, was followed, again rather suddenly, around 1500 BC by a highly developed Bronze Age culture. The bronze was used for ritual kettles, gongs, bells, and vessels, as well as for arms and chariots. The latter, drawn by horses, point to contacts with the steppe regions to the west.

Of course, without agriculture there could be hardly any growth at all. It was the development of agriculture that formed the precondition for a long and sustained growth of the human population. An increase in carrying capacity because of some new agricultural technology, the introduction of a new crop, or a change in the climate could keep up growth—for the time being. But a rise in productivity was strictly limited, as we have just seen, so demographic growth was limited too. The disease pool that is always there, but which among agriculturalists was enlarged because of diseases transferred from domestic animals to humans, also kept growth within bounds—even more so when vulnerability increased The Ecology of History because of the close mutual contacts within larger groups of humans that followed from a sedentary way of life.

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