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Download e-book for iPad: Aristotle's Theory of Predication (Philosophia Antiqua) by Allan T Back

By Allan T Back

This article claims that Aristotle a side concept of predication. On its statements make a simple statement of lifestyles that may be roughly certified. it's claimed that the facets conception solves many puzzles approximately Aristotle's philosophy and provides a brand new solidarity to his good judgment and metaphysics. The booklet considers Aristotle's perspectives on predication relative to Greek philology, Aristotle's philosophical milieu, and the background and philosophy of predication concept. It bargains new views on such concerns as existential import; the relation of "Categories" 2 and four; where of differentiae and propia; the predication of subject; unnatural predication; and the sq. of competition.

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One motivation lies in an asymmetry in Greek sentences like ' ε σ π ν ού Κευκόν ξύλον', which, as noted above, can be translated copulatively ('the log is not white') or existentially ('there is not a white log'; 'there is a log that is not white'). The aspect theory has the advantage of not making 49 Charles Kahn, "Why Existence Does Not Emerge as a Distinct Concept in Greek Philosophy," p. 15. Kahn speculates that it was only in Islamic philosophy that the notion of existence assumed the central position in questions of being.

19 Only in a construction of apposition or of complex subject would all the nouns be in the nominative, as in 'there exists a dog', 'there exists a dog, a monster', 'there exists a yellow dog'. 20 In Arabic, then, the existential character of a simple statement is quite clear and explicit, even in ordinary language use, more so than in Greek. That a statement makes an existential claim is clearer in a verbal sentence using 'kāna' than in a nominal sentence. Philosophers like Al-Farabi and Avicenna generally preferred the verbal 'kāna' construction to the nominal one, because the former construction makes it easier to talk about Aristotle's logical analysis about a statement of tertium adiacens }x The use of the verbal construction would incline the Islamic philosophers to the aspect theory of predication.

The Grammar of Predication There now arises the linguistic task of determining whether it is "correct" to read Greek sentences, of the form 'δ S έστι P\ existentially. In Greek the predicate, like the subject (in a sentence of this form), will be in the nominative case, as indeed it would be with any intransitive verb. Also the subject and predicate will agree in gender and number. These features hold whether the predicate complement be adjective or noun. 6 Indeed, when the subject term and the predicate complement agree in this way, 'έστι' may be omitted, but may be understood implicitly.

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