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By Charles Marfo

This ebook discusses points of the grammar of Akan, a language spoken in Ghana, and the theoretical features of the connection among phonology and syntax. relatively, a few structures are explored within the viewpoint of the phonology-syntax interface. The lifestyles of phrasal or post-lexical principles has influenced examine within the phonology-syntax interface. during this regard, linguists are confronted with a few theoretical questions. one in every of them is with recognize to how the phonology-syntax interface can be conceived; via Direct Reference or oblique Reference? it's complex during this e-book that the phonology may well make connection with the syntax, yet simply remotely in the course of the prosodic constitution of the phonological section of the grammar (e.g. Zec and Inkelas 1990). Syntactic research of a few of the structures explored are performed within the framework of Lexical-Functional Grammar (e.g. Bresnan 2001). it truly is claimed that the prosodic constitution essentially pertains to the constituent constitution of Lexical-Functional Grammar via a proposed mapping set of rules, the Compositional Mapping thought. this can be that allows you to safely clarify the phrasal principles taking place within the explored Akan structures.

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These are truly phrasal rules and lexical 20 rules. In his description, however, the truly phrasal rules apply post-syntactically and are predicted by properties of the prosodic domains, while the lexical rules and the supposed direct-syntax rules apply pre-syntactically; specifically, within the lexicon (apparently, before the lexicon is submitted to syntax). The syntax-dependent rules are therefore discussed along with the ‘true’ lexical rules, but are analyzed differently as precompiled. 7), taken from Hayes (1990: 93), for example.

Therefore, the precompilation theory re-establishes the claim that all phrasal rules do not have access to the syntax and are only phonologically prompted. , the direct reference and the indirect reference approaches, Seidl (2001) explains some phrasal rules in Kpa Mende, Kimatuumbi, Korean, etc. With her Minimal Indirect Reference (MIR) theory, she argues against the uniqueness of the p-structure as an inadequate medium for the explanation of all phrasal phonological rules. However, she 23 does not reject p-structure entirely.

I propose a mapping theory, Compositional Mapping Theory (CMT), in this study. In coming up with my proposal, I follow the practice of using the φ, as the primary domain. 5), by immediately taking vital 8 Considering the prosodic hierarchy, it is obvious that the φ is not the primary domain (it is neither the first nor the last). Being a primary domain at this point only means that, it is the one that is first conceived from the syntax and the one on which the other higher/lower domains are built.

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