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Download e-book for kindle: Asymmetry in Morphology by Anna Maria Di Sciullo

By Anna Maria Di Sciullo

During this groundbreaking monograph, Anna Maria Di Sciullo proposes that asymmetry—the irreversibility of a couple of parts in an ordered set—is a hard-wired estate of morphological family members. Her argument that asymmetry is significant in derivational morphology, may, if actual, make morphological items normal items of grammar simply as syntactic and phonological items are. This contrasts with the conventional assumption that morphology is abnormal and hence now not topic to the elemental hard-wired regularities of shape and interpretation.

Di Sciullo argues that the uneven estate of morphological kinfolk is a part of the language school. She proposes a concept of grammar, Asymmetry idea, in accordance with which favourite operations have particular instantiations in parallel derivations of the computational house. She posits that morphological and syntactic relatives percentage a estate, asymmetry, yet diverge with appreciate to different homes in their primitives, operations, and interface representations. Di Sciullo deals empirical help for her concept with examples from quite a few languages, together with English, smooth Greek, African, Romance, Turkish, and Slavic.

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Assuming that transitivity holds, antisymmetry is respected and the ordering is total. (17) A & {3J, M4, 3J, N4, 3J, P4, 3M, P4} (18) d(A) & {3j, m4, 3j, p4, 3m, p4} (19) {j, m, p} According to Kayne, the LCA applies at all levels of representation. It applies to internal levels of representation, including D-structure and S-structure, and it applies also to the PF interface for linearization. It derives the basic properties of X-bar structure, see (20). 13 (20) a. b. c. d. A A A A constituent must have a head.

Given a tree, the set of all the ordered pairs 3x, y4 such that x precedes y (x is to the left of y) is said to define the precedence relation of that tree. Precedence is irreflexive. If x precedes y, then y cannot precede x, and thus this relation is asymmetric. Precedence determines the strict partial order over the nodes of a tree. ’’ The relation ‘‘sister of ’’ is symmetric—that is, if x is the sister of y, y is also the sister of x. If x c-commands y, then x and y do not 20 Chapter 1 dominate each other and all the categories that dominate x dominate y.

Assuming that asymmetry is a generic property of relations in grammar, it must also be a property of the Lex relations. The features of the underivable items are stored in Lex, in terms of minimal trees (see (7)). (7) a. In (7a), the a‰x -er heads the minimal tree because it has predicate properties. The a‰x has an uninterpretable [#A] feature in its specifier position. It does not have a ["A] feature in its specifier position because it is not a causative a‰x. Furthermore, it asymmetrically selects a root with an interpretable ["A] feature in its specifier, as is the case for writin (7b).

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