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By Norman H. Crowhurst

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Furthermore, parametric mapping of all specific readings for kanji characters such as 上 /uekun/ (which combined with other kanji or hiragana can be pronounced in no less than six different ways including: /ue/, /uwa/, /jyou/, /nobo/, /a/ or /kami/) can lead to more detailed insights into how pronunciations are accessed when there are many alternatives. It is furthermore important to notice that studies on the multiple readings of Japanese kanji can possibly inform the debate about decomposed vs.

Although the debate is not fully settled, it is important to consider, as Janssen and colleagues (2008) proposed, that when the morphological complexity changes for a language the relative importance for representations at that level might also change. When one hypothesizes that for any consistency effect to arise the contrasting pronunciations of the constituents should necessarily be active at some point to cause a processing delay, it seems sensible to first compare single kanji with one or more different pronunciations to obtain a measure of consistency and subsequently assess the influences from a representation of that same kanji at a compound word level.

A plausible explanation of this finding is that kanji primes when presented in isolation usually take the KUN reading. Given this characteristic, an overall bias towards the KUN reading – and hence more priming of the KUN reading – was to be expected. The important finding is, of course, that despite of this KUN bias in reading isolated kanji, ON readings were significantly facilitated as well. The significant interaction between Prime Bias and Prime Type shows that there was less priming in the high-KUN Prime Bias condition.

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