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Basic Cantonese: A Grammar and Workbook - download pdf or read online

By Karl Friedrich Siburg

Easy Cantonese introduces the necessities of Cantonese grammar in an easy and systematic means. all the 28 devices offers with a grammatical aspect and offers linked workouts, devised to excellent verbal exchange talents. specified realization is paid to issues which vary from English and eu language constructions. good points comprise: transparent, obtainable layout; vigorous examples to demonstrate each one grammar element; complete key to routines; and word list of grammatical phrases.

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Indifferently: 무관심하게, 상당히, 시원치 않게. laden: 실린, 고민하는, 괴로워하는, 짐을 실은. strangeness: 이상함, 소립자상태를 규정하는 입자고유의 양자수, 기묘. thickly: 불명료하게, 빽빽하게, 탁한 목소리로, 두껍게, 굵게, 무성하게, 잔뜩, 짙게. windowless: 창문 없는. 26 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde deadly sick. % "And now," said Mr. " They were crying it in the square," he said. " "One word," said the lawyer. "Carew was my client, but so are you, and I want to know what I am doing. " "Utterson, I swear to God, " cried the doctor," I swear to God I will never set eyes on him again. I bind my honour to you that I am done with him in this world.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The lawyer took that rude but weighty instrument into his hand, and balanced it. % "It is well, then, that we should be frank," said the other. "We both think more than we have said; let us make a clean breast. " "Well, sir, it went so quick, and the creature was so doubled up, that I could hardly swear to that," was the answer. "But if you mean, was it Mr. Hyde? -why, yes, I think it was! You see, it was much of the same bigness; and it had the same quick, light way with it; and then who else could have got in by the laboratory door?

Damp: 습기, 못살게 굴다, 낙담시키다, 낙담, 기를 꺽다, 실망, 축죽한, 축축하게하다, 습기 있는-축축하게 하다, 방해-축죽한, 방해. fault: 과실, 결점, 책임, 단층, 테니스 폴트, 단점, 실수, 흠, 냄새 자취를 잃음, 잘못. gaze: 응시, 응시하다, 뚫어지게 바라보며 서 있다, 뚫어지게 보다. least: 하다못해, 가장적게, 최소, 가장 적게, 가장 작은. overhead: 머리 위의, 전반적인, 경상비, 위층에, 고가의, 상공에, 위로, 총경비, 일반의, 간접비, 라켓을 사용하는 경기의 머리 위에서 내려치는 타구. premature: 너무 이른, 때 아닌, 너무 서두른, 조산아, 시기 상조의. sky: 하늘, 날씨, 천국, 느닷없이, 기후, 창공, 높이 날리다, 경관, 천장 가까이에 진열하다. sunset: 말기, 해질녘, 일몰, 저녁놀, 종말, 일물. uneasy: 불안한, 걱정되는, 거북한, 어색한. Robert Louis Stevenson 35 the air with an infinite sadness of mien, like some disconsolate prisoner, Utterson saw Dr.

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