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Quzhen, Yip Li; Zhang, Xiaoming; Yip, Po-ching; Rimmington,'s Basic Chinese : a grammar and workbook PDF

By Quzhen, Yip Li; Zhang, Xiaoming; Yip, Po-ching; Rimmington, Don; Henson, Rachel

This paintings is pitched at post-GCSE competence point, delivering a clean method of combining grammar and routines. it truly is perfect to be used on all path varieties and contains an workout solution key and Chinese-English/English-Chinese vocabularies.


Introduces the necessities of chinese language syntax. This ebook offers chinese language entries in either Pinyin romanization and chinese language characters, and are followed, regularly, by way of English translations to Read more...

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Shéi shì nhmen de Who is your Chinese zhdngwén lfoshc teacher? lí lfoshc shì wimen Mr Li is our de zhdngwén lfoshc Chinese teacher Note 1: shéi shì nhmen de zhdngwén lfoshc is a straightforward question, which may be used interchangeably with nhmen de zhdngwén lfoshc shì shéi. However, if expressed in more emphatic tones, the latter may convey the feeling that the speaker is curious or eager to find out who the teacher really is. 28 Note 2: One does not ask: * shéi shì ta shéi ziu le lH xiAnsheng ziu le nh qù jiàn shéi wi qù jiàn zhAng jCnglH zhè shì shéi de shebao zhè shì wI tóngxué de shebao nh xifng hb difnr shénme wi xifng hb difnr píjiJ nh zhfo shénme wi zhfo wI de shIubiFo wi de dàyc zài nFr nh de dàyc zài zhèr Who has left?

MFlù duìmiàn yiu yóuting There’s a pillar-box across the road. 31 4 Interrogative pronouns / nFr/shénme dìfang yiu ddngxi chc Where can I find something to eat? (lit. ) bCngxiAng li yiu ddngxi chc There are things to eat in the fridge. The second example above illustrates the common pattern: ‘location + yiu + noun object + verb’ in which yiu and the verb in fact share the same object. The verb which comes last in the sentence is similar to an English infinitive qualifying the noun object which precedes it.

Ii) It may also be used as a reflexive object: bié mà zìjh Don’t blame yourself. (iii) With the addition of the particle de, it means ‘one’s own’: zhè shì wi zìjh de shìr This is my (own) business. G There are a few less conventional pronouns like dàjia ‘everybody’, rénjia ‘others’, etc. rén ‘person’ when used on its own as the object of a verb means ‘anybody’: dàjia hfo Good morning/afternoon/evening, everybody! (lit. everybody good) nh huì | rénjia bù huì You know how to do it; but other people (me included) don’t.

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