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Belonging and Isolation in the Hellenistic World by Sheila Ager, Reimer Faber PDF

By Sheila Ager, Reimer Faber

The Hellenistic interval used to be a time of extraordinary cultural trade. within the wake of Alexander’s conquests, Greeks and Macedonians started to come upon new peoples, new principles, and new methods of lifestyles; accordingly, this period is mostly thought of to were one among unrivaled cosmopolitanism. for plenty of members, even though, the broadening of horizons introduced with it an identification difficulty and a feeling of being adrift in an international that had passed through an intensive structural change.

Belonging and Isolation within the Hellenistic World offers essays through best overseas students who reflect on how the cosmopolitanism of the Hellenistic age additionally led to tensions among members and groups, and among the small area people and the mega-community of oikoumene, or ‘the inhabited earth.’ With a number social, creative, monetary, political, and literary views, the members supply a full of life exploration of  the tensions and possibilities of lifestyles within the Hellenistic Mediterranean.

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The Case of Hermeias of Kourion 35 It is, of course, dangerous to draw far-reaching conclusions from only five lines, but Hermeias’s metrical style appears most closely to resemble that of Kallimachos’s choliambs. Like most Hipponactean, and all Kallimachean, choliambs, Hermeias has short third anceps throughout. This means that there are no ischiorrhogic endings – – – – –||, that is, lines ending with five longs in a row. Further, it does away with the need to observe Porson’s Bridge, as there is never a long third anceps requiring a word end.

3 For the division of Meleager’s Garland into four books, see Cameron 1993: 19–33 and 49–56 for its date. 4 See Weisshäupl 1889; Radinger 1895; and Wifstrand 1926. 5 See Gutzwiller 1997, and 1998b: 276–322. 6 The section originally contained Anth. Pal. 406–20, 707–19 (on famous persons; except 711, 717) and 421–9 (enigmatic epitaphs); further poems might have been removed by Kephalas and included in his opening section at the beginning of Anth. Pal. 7. See Gutzwiller 1998b: 307–9. 7 For cosmopolitanism in ancient thought, see Baldry 1965; Moles 1996; Long 2008; and Konstan 2009.

Flor. ad Kall. fr. 27, and POxy 1800, fr. 2, 32ff. 17 Did Hermeias deliberately evoke this situation here? 3). It may be ‘generic,’ referring to any sophos such as the iambic speaker/poet. It may, on the other hand, be ‘particular’ and refer to a definite individual (Smyth 1956: nos. 1119–21). In that case, does ‘that well-known wise man’ specifically recall Aesop? 19 I believe that Στύακες is correct, first of all because it is clearly lectio difficilior. A witty coinage based on στύω, to stiffen or get an erection,20 Στύακες is a pointedly obscene pun on Στωικοί or Στοίακες that exploits the derogatory tone of its -αξ suffix (cf.

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