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By Katharina Boehm (eds.)

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Just as Pip is caught between two systems, so his body has a different status for each. Apprenticed to Joe, legally tied to him through articles, his body belongs to the hierarchical system of master and man – it is not his property. His working body has been sold to Joe through the financial backing of Miss Havisham, who funds his articles. Theoretically free from these constraints after being made a gentleman, and believing that he comes into full ownership of Circumventing the Subject–Object Binary 35 the self thereby, he is nevertheless enslaved, doubly enslaved, in fact.

54 34 Isobel Armstrong This is a supreme piece of colonial hubris, offering ownership of India to the privileged British subject. Bodies are mounted on bodies on bodies: the unequal proportion of horse and camel and the impossible physical strain of such a handshake itself deconstruct the false accord of Indian prince and military officer. Thackeray loves to produce metonymic lists with one discrepant item. Western technology, the gun, prosthetic aid of the cavalry, keeps the primitive labour-intensive means of production in its place – plough, loom, and cotton – as literally the East India Company’s ‘arms’.

14. Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, p. 108. 15. Anthony Trollope, The Last Chronicle of Barset, t ed. Sophie Gilmartin (London: Penguin, 2002), p. 811. About such interiors Jeff Nunokawa has argued that ‘[t]he nineteenth-century novel never ceases remarking the reach of market forces into the parlors, bedrooms, and closets of a domestic realm that thus never ceases to fail in its mission to shelter its inhabitants from the clash of these armies’. Jeff Nunokawa, The Afterlife of Propertyy (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994), p.

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