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CONSRAG and CNDC govern the activities of the accounting profession. Members within the two organizations perform identical services. The main difference between the two organizations is in their education and work experience requirements. The CONSRAG requires a high school education at a technical business school and two years of accounting experience. The CNDC © 2001 Going Global, Inc. 29 Going Global, Inc. Presents Career Information and Resources for Italy requires a university degree, but no related work experience.

These professional services include 40,000 companies and 600,000 employees, one third of which is autonomous. From October 2000 to September 2001, the forecast for this field is a growth in employment of 18,000 jobs (5% increase). For the same period, the growth in employment is expected to provide 310,000 new positions. The Accountant working in Italy now earns an average salary of 64,210,698 Lira or $29,832 USD. The Financial Analysis Manager working in Italy now earns an average salary of 99,861,429 Lira or $46,402 USD.

VAT is 20%. Social Security Old age, disability, and death benefits fall under the National Social Insurance Institute – a social insurance system. If a foreigner is working in Italy, he/she is entitled, under the same conditions as an Italian worker, to the benefits provided by Italian social security institutions. 9% for earnings in excess of that amount. 81% of payroll. The employer should complete all the necessary forms. The disability pension minimum is L709,550 ($330 USD) a month. It is payable for a three year period.

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